Ottawa based, Home Handyman service provider.

Ottawa based, home Handyman service provider.

Handy·Man |  \ ˈhan-de-ˌman  \

      1: A person who does odd jobs.

      2: One competent in a variety of skills or inventive or ingenious in repair or maintenance work.

      3: A trusted contact, probably referred to you by a friend

(Source 1 / Source 2)

Through my hard work and close attention to detail, I look to establish long term trust based relationships to ease the burden of home ownership. 

Home Maintenance is ongoing: it is not the sort of project that should ever be considered complete. Over time things wear out, seasons change, and if left unchecked the to-do list will become a lingering cause of frustration and stress. 

Working for you in a way that is complimentary to other contractors, tradespeople, and licensed service providers, no job is too small for me. My objective is to ensure that when an opinion, quick service, or fix is required - my clients know exactly who to call first.

Do your windows need work too? Inspecting and maintaining old wooden windows is key to their longevity.


My experience as a handyman is built on my lifelong curiosity and desire to figure things out on my own.

I'm a father and home owner here in Ottawa, Canada. My father was the classic DIY type, and my curiosity growing up allowed me to participate in many of his home renovation projects - from finishing our basement rec-room to painting our family car by hand. These practical experiences growing up provided me with a solid foundation of skills and abilities. From simple home maintenance to large complex renovations, I have done it all.

Raising my family in suburban Ottawa for many years, I have been a trusted resource to my network of family and friends for some time. Never one to decline a request for help, I have built my reputation on being able to quickly assist and resolve issues properly the first time. In early in 2019 I made the decision to focus more of my time doing this professionally, and have not had the chance to look back.

I encourage all of my clients to build and prioritise a to-do list that we discuss together regularly. This concept allows us to establish and order of operations so we can schedule and plan work properly, while navigating family availability and commitments.

I have modelled my business on service level tiers that I can quickly explain in person.

Please be in touch to learn more about me, and to share some specifics of jobs that you need completed properly.

Have a tile project in mind? Endless options for tile and grout: I can help.

Handyman Services

It is easier to explain the kind of work that a handyman can do by first explaining how I am different from formally designated tradespeople.

I am not a Master Electrician, Licensed Plumber, or formally designated tradesperson of any sort. Rather, I have tradespeople with those designations in my network to support me, if your requirements necessitate. Another good example is that I also have professional painters in my network. It is not the job of your handyman to take on large painting projects. Do I paint for my clients? Absolutely. Painting the old wood shutters, the wrought iron handrail rusting out back, smaller pieces of work is handyman painting territory.

Here in Ontario legislation is in place to protect our compulsory trades. If your needs necessitate we will be sure to involve a proper accredited tradesperson accordingly.

It is also important to recognise that every homeowner has their own unique set of circumstances.

  • Seniors who have always been able, capable, and independent may no longer be able to undertake domestic chores as they used to.  
  • A young family in their first home may not have the know how, tools, or simply the time to take on a seasonal maintenance task that has been left unchecked for months.
  • Preparing to list a home on the market, there is often a list of small jobs to address prior to listing the house with confidence. Attention to small details is necessary to maximize the value of your home.
  • Folks who are new to Canada often times are not familiar with our building codes, maintenance practices, or the seasonal demands of Canadian climate.

These are just some of the many realities that necessitate having someone willing and able to take on all sorts of jobs around your house. Consider me your ‘jack of all trades’ who understands that sometimes something as simple as changing that ugly builder grade towel bar in the en suite bathroom can make a world of difference to your decor. No job is too small as even the smallest jobs need to be undertaken with care and expertise. This is why you need a handyman like me in your network.

Having a trusted contact to take care of almost everything, is convenient and practical.

I am fully insured and have references available upon request.

Clean gutters, from end to end. Inspecting gutters seasonally helps them last for years.